Verge XVG rises amid “exclusive partnership” announcement

The popular cryptocurrency Verge XVG has been soaring in value as other currencies make small gains.

Following a rough weekend of trading for most cryptocurrencies, XVG has jumped up almost 40 percent.

Verge tipped $0.067 today, which is a value it hasn’t revisited since February 22.

To better put that into perspective in the current market, Bitcoin was at close to $11,000 on that same day.

Verge creator and CEO, Justin Sunerok, has recently appeared on YouTube’s The Larry and Joe Show, adding to the buzz.

Sunerok discussed the Verge blockchain project with the hosts which, per their blackpaper, claims to be “the most privacy-focused cryptocurrency.”

Partnership deal

The conversation with the head of Verge mainly revolved around an upcoming, yet mysterious, “exclusive partnership” announcement.

Over the last couple of weeks, the team behind the anonymous multi-algorithm cryptocurrency has been teasing the crypto community.

Mr. Sunerok says a non-disclosure agreement regarding the deal binds himself and the developers.

But, he confirmed to hosts Larry and Joe that the full details will be shared on Tuesday, April 17.

The Verge team will be “doing something special” on the day prior, the CEO added.

Despite the NDA parameters, Sunerok did his best to provide some information:

“Everybody that’s been in Verge waiting for this is going to be really happy.

“There’s no way to be unhappy about the coin that you love entering a gigantic market exclusive adoption…

“I know it’s going to be exclusive for a long time.”

As far as privacy-based cryptocurrencies go, there are already more established coins available, such as Monero (XMR) and Zcash (ZEC).

The chief executive explained that Verge, however, hadn’t been chosen by the partnering corporation for its anonymity features:

“It just kind of so happens that we’re a privacy-based coin…

“But I think one of the most appealing parts of Verge to a lot of the larger companies is that we kind of come with a really big community.”

Verge’s crowdfunding campaign

Toward the end of March, Verge ran a successful crowdfunding campaign that reached its goal of 75 million XVG in donations.

The funding received a little help from TokenPay (TPAY) near the end of the target date, who matched contributions like-for-like.

According to Verge, the funds were raised to meet the criteria of their new partner.

Should the community reach their fundraising goal, the team promised to reveal the name of the partnering company on March 26.

The date was put back to April 17th for legal reasons, however.

Speaking about how their soon-to-be-named partner will add value to Verge, Sunerok explained:

“They’re going to be adding Verge as a payment, banner ads, commercials…

“the press release of the announcement is going to go worldwide to all press and all media.”

According to the Coin Thud live price charts, Verge is at $0.065, at the time of press.

Shortly after Sunerok’s interview dropped on YouTube, the vale of XVG jumped by around 20 percent.

In recent times, the XVG token has been one of the hardest hit on the cryptocurrency market.

The value of XVG fell roughly 86 percent since the all-time high in late December of $0.291.