Verge partnership announcement incoming

In one of the most highly anticipated announcements in crypto this year, the Verge team is due to reveal their mysterious new partnership on Tuesday.

Who their new partner will be, is the subject of many heated debates.

Following last month’s successful crowdfunding effort by Verge has been a great deal of speculation and skepticism.

The campaign set a funding target of 75 million XVG.

From the start, the initiative has been shrouded in mystery.

The funding campaign was set up to meet criteria to secure a partnership with a “major” firm.

The Verge community (#VergeFam) made the deadline after rallying to raise funding for the deal.

The dedication of the community behind Verge is extremely impressive.

Especially since there has been no announcement as to who the partner is, only blind faith.

The big day is finally closing in though as the announcement is due to be made on April 17.

Who could the partnership be with?

A lot of spectators have been trying to pin down the mystery partner.

Some even anticipate the deal to be with a major company such as Amazon, eBay, or PayPal.

Unconfirmed rumors are suggesting that the new mystery partner could be TokenPay.

The trigger for those reports was down to a tweet from TokenPay on April 8th about a meeting in Munich.

TokenPay quickly slammed the rumors as FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt), and retweeted this tweet:

Although TokenPay is an active supporter of Verge, CEO, Derek Capo, tweeted a statement clarifying the reports:

“There is a lot of speculation that TokenPay is the mystery partner for Verge, the answer is no.

However, we do have a lot of plans to integrate XVG into a lot of services we plan to offer soon.

The crypto community needs more partnerships to increase adoption of crypto.”

The Verge team has also been greasing the wheels of anticipation, saying how eager they are to reveal the news.

Updates from the developers regarding the crowdfunding budget have also been following.

As per the requirements of their partner, funds have been invested into Ledger NANO integration.

The team is also developing a payment gateway to meet the requirements for the new partnership.

A potential moonshot for Verge

The excitement surrounding the new partnership has undoubtedly had an impact on values for Verge.

Verge led the way last week as the cryptocurrency market leaped back into life.

XVG has also been punching above its weight in trading volume.

Last week, XVG was the second-most traded asset on Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange, for a moment.

At the time of press, XVG is currently priced at $0.085, according to the Coin Thud live price charts.

People have been actively taking to social media with a variety of speculations regarding the partnership.

Edward, one of Verge’s many supporters, said on Twitter:

“I wouldn’t call “taking a donation for NANO integration” a fraud. That’s a pretty legit reason to use crowdfunds – as opposed to just using excess cash to pay out bonuses to CEO’s as most corporations do with excess funds from their inflated stock options.”

One speculator, Johnny Hernandez, shares an opposing view:

“You should be ashamed for taking money from your community to lock in a partnership. Seen rumours about ledger not knowing about verge integration and ledger integration only costing $20,000. Thoughts?”

Steve Simon, an XVG holder says the new partnership expresses the strength of the Verge community:

“This team has shown heart. Verge family is the best token community, period. If this is an exit scam, you got me. However, this community-based coin has decentralization for a better world at its nucleus.”

All eyes will be on Verge on Tuesday.

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