The mysterious Verge partnership is finally revealed

Anticipation has reached boiling point over the last few weeks as crypto enthusiasts everywhere have eagerly awaited the mysterious new Verge partnership to be unveiled.

Now, after much speculation as to who the Verge partnership might be with, the team has announced the new XVG partner.

Today, the Verge XVG team confirmed their new partner is PornHub.

PornHub has one of the highest trafficking networks on the internet. is the 14th largest website on the internet and receives 3.61 billion visits per month.

For PornHub’s premium services, it also has one of the most extensive online payment processing systems in the world.

Although PornHub is the name everyone is talking about, the partnership is actually with the parent company Mindgeek.

Mindgeek, the largest company in the adult entertainment industry and it is adding Verge across the board.

The company also owns Brazzers along with a number of other paid adult content sites.

It announced Tuesday it is entering into a partnership with cryptocurrency Verge.

This deal is surely good news for Verge, but will the crypto world agree?


The announcement has been one of the most highly anticipated reveals in crypto this year.

The hype in the run-up to the public unveiling has seen value for Verge currency skyrocket.

The Verge community has been investing millions of their own XVG into the project, operating only on blind faith.

The team behind Verge has also been teasing their followers, adding further to the hype.

Make or break for Verge

Whether you’re a lover or hater (and there’s plenty of both), all agree that the Verge partnership is make or break for this cryptocurrency.

In late March, the Verge developers ran a crowdfunding campaign to raise 75 million XVG.

With just a small window of a few days and very little details about the project, they met their target.

They were raising fund to qualify for a huge new Verge partnership.

The partner was to remain a secret until the target deadline, however.

On March 27, Verge lead developer Justin Vendetta (Sunerok) said the team would reveal the partner on April 17.

This delay has caused a wave of speculation regarding the identity of the partner, both positive and negative.

Rumors of the XVG partner quickly spread on social media.

Guesses were ranging from TokenPay to Amazon, yet the Verge team was tight-lipped.

Now the Verge partnership has finally been revealed, where will XVG go from here?

Only time will tell.