TRON Mainnet successfully launches

The highly-anticipated TRON Mainnet has finally launched today.

The launch is a huge milestone for Justin Sun’s decentralized platform, as it leaves the Ethereum network to run on its own Blockchain; The TRON Mainnet.

After running on the Ethereum Blockchain, the upgrade will see TRON finally powered by its own steam.

Now running on its new Blockchain, TRON will compete head-to-head with Ethereum.

TRON’s founder Justin Sun said in a statement about the launch that he’s filled with confidence, saying:

“Today I announce with confidence that the development for the TRON Mainnet Odyssey 2.0 is complete.

“Starting today, the Tron community will be able to download and run TRON’s official Mainnet, Odyssey 2.0, on the TRON GitHub page.”

With TRX waving goodbye to its roots as an Ethereum ERC20 token, the new Blockchain will be powered by 27 “Super Representatives.”

The chosen 27 have yet to be selected, however.

The representatives will be selected in a vote by TRON’s TRX HODLers, and are currently competing to host the foundation of the network.

The Ethereum network allows anyone to spin up a node, and currently has over 15,000 active nodes online.

The new TRON Mainnet is opting for a different model, saying that limiting the number of hosts will lead to a large bump in transaction speeds.

TRON has even promised users that its transaction speeds will be “hundreds of times” faster than Ethereum.

According to Mr. Sun, the new network will be capable of processing 10,000 transactions per second.

To give development on the network a boost, TRON is offering developers a $100,000 loan to create DApps (Decentralized Apps) on its Blockchain.

To developers to easily port Ethereum projects across to the TRON network, a virtual machine has also been released.

So what’s next for TRON?

Values of TRON’s TRX token have been climbing over recent weeks in anticipation of the Mainnet launch.

In typical buy-the-hype, sell-the-news fashion, however, prices pulled back again shortly before it was launched.

Even after a correction, TRX is still at the highest it’s been since January, discounting recent highs.

And despite falling from 9th to 10th position by market cap, TRON has still retained the coveted top-ten status.

If TRON can prove that it’s a real contender and is truly “better” than Ethereum, then the skies the limit.

Love or loath TRON, you have to agree that they’re one of the more interesting cryptos in the space.

With the recent rumors about TRON being added to Coinbase, they are certainly one to watch this year.