Verge team approaches Spotify for payments deal

Hot on the tails of their Mindgeek deal, the Verge XVG team is now approaching music streaming king Spotify.

Verge core members are hoping to score a partnership with Spotify to integrate XVG into their monthly paid subscription service.

Should such a deal come to fruition, the move would be huge for not only Verge but the entire cryptocurrency market.

Spotify is the market leader in music streaming, by a long way.

By January 2018, the company was reporting a monthly paid subscriber base of 70 million users.

This number was a significant increase from the 50 million users of the service in March 2017.

A reoccurring, yet inaccurate, criticism of Verge’s partnership with Mindgeek is, “who pays for porn these days?”

The parent company of Pornhub, Brazzers, and many other adult content sites reportedly handles $500,000 in transactions a day.

Indeed, a deal with a massive brand that is better known for its paid service would likely be a hit with nay-sayers.

So, what’s happening?

Verge’s head of marketing, and core team member, Cees Van Dam, has put out a call to the VergeFam.

#VergeFam is the name of the highly enthusiastic Verge community.

This very same community rallied to raise millions of dollars in just a few short days to allow Verge to proceed with their Mindgeek deal.

Van Dam is requesting that VergeFam uses their voices in a campaign to get Spotify to accept the anonymous cryptocurrency.

In a Twitter post, he urges supporters to vote and comment on a campaign proposal.

Verge is requesting that Spotify makes a “formal evaluation” of XVG to evaluate whether it’s a “suitable fit for the platform.”

The heart and soul of Verge is, undoubtedly, its passionate and high-motivated following.

The tweet by Van Dam has already received hundreds and favorites and retweets.

A Verge volunteer called Dan first spearheaded the campaign.

Dan has posted a request in the Spotify community pages, which has since started gathering momentum.

In his original suggestion, he points to the “monumental accomplishment” of securing a deal with Mindgeek.

He goes on to highlight the number of other companies who are now working, or considering partnering, with Verge after recognizing the “huge business opportunity.”

The proposal also includes assurances for Spotify of backing from the “full power” of the VergeFam, adding:

“We are scouring the internet to find any and all available resources at our disposal to ensure that consumers will be able to take advantage of our new found partnership and the benefits it entails.”

More Verge partnerships

Riding high after the Mindgeek partnership, the Verge community is keen to secure more partnerships moving forward.

Some other partnerships are being whispered in the wind that includes Stripe and Tinder.

There are also suggestions of large auction houses such as Christie’s considering Verge for anonymous bidding on high-value items.

A Netflix adoption is obviously high on the wishlist for Verge followers.

Meanwhile, a campaign to get Verge listed on the leading US-based exchange, Coinbase, is gathering momentum.

A petition to get the crypto listed on the platform is quickly gathering pace, reaching almost 18,000 of its 25k target.