Snoop Dogg Headlines Ripple’s After show party at Consensus 2018

Snoop Dogg performing at Ripple’s after show party for the Consensus 2018 conference has garnered a mixed response from crypto enthusiasts.

Consensus 2018, aka New York’s Blockchain Week, has become more than just discussions among experts, entrepreneurs, and regulators about cryptocurrencies.

Apparently, the cryptocurrency community gathering in Manhattan also wants to have fun.

At least, that’s what Ripple Labs’ marketing team thought when it invited Snoop Dogg to perform at their after-show party at a secret Manhattan’s Meatpacking District location.

Snoop Dogg was chosen to entertain the crypto enthusiasts at a Ripple-sponsored event for Consensus 2018.

For some, however, the 46-year-old American rapper, who’s sold over 35 million records worldwide, was too disconnected from the true meaning of the conference.

The invitation-only event called XRP Community Night brought together Ripple enthusiasts and skeptics alike to enjoy the sound of the famous artist.

Opinions regarding XRP varied between the attendees.

A large portion of the crypto community is disappointed with Ripple’s dependency on banks instead of disrupting the traditional banking system.

Other concertgoers, namely Wall Street bankers, were highly critical of digital currencies in general.

The choice to have Snoop Dogg headline the event became somewhat of a controversial topic among the XRP community.

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse stated that the concert was intended to build community, not hype, around company’s XRP.

“Whenever I hear the word ‘promotion’ it makes me cringe”, commented Garlinghouse, adding that he did not choose the famous hip-hop star.

Snoop Dogg and Lambos

Garlinghouse might not have picked Snoop Dog for the event, but it seems that Mr. Dogg has chosen cryptocurrency parties in the past.

Last year, he was the DJ at SparkleCoin’s ICO party, which raised an around $15 million.

Over the years, the rapper has been known to make comments about cryptocurrencies.

He tweeted in 2013 that he was going to have his “next record available in Bitcoin.”

Shortly after, he was reportedly approached by Coinbase and BitPay to make it happen.

During the XRP Community Night event, Snoop Dogg avoided talking about cryptocurrencies investments.

However, the rapper wasn’t paid for the performance in XRP, according to Ripple representatives at the event.

Snoop Dogg’s most popular topic, Marijuana, closed the night when he asked members of the audience if they wanted to smoke some weed with him.

On that subject, the audience found an overwhelming consensus.

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