Ripple has donated $29 million to help 35,000 schools in the United States

Ripple has given $29m worth of its XRP tokens to help thousands of schools in the U.S.

The company announced this week that it is gifting the funds via donation platform

The donation is reportedly the largest ever made using a charity platform.

It is undoubtedly the most substantial contribution made to to date

Ripple’s generous offering followed a flurry of requests to the charity platform from 28,000 teachers.

The vast sum of crypto will be used to support all 35,000 schools listed by teachers from all U.S. states.

A dream come true

CEO and founder of Donors Choose, Charles Best, says he approached Ripple‘s founder Chris Larsen.

Best revealed he thought Larsen might consider fulfilling the teacher’s request due to his previous involvement with the charity.

Speaking to CNBC, Mr. Best said he decided to send an email to Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse, despite fearing ridicule:

“I kind of dared myself to send an email pitching an idea ten times bigger than I’ve ever pitched before. I was almost anxious that they would be offended by the ridiculousness of my ask.

To his amazement, Best said his request was accepted without much hesitation, adding:

“In 18 years of doing, we have, honestly, honestly, never been this excited. I would say it’s the dream coming true, except we never had this dream because it would have been too crazy to even say.”

The charity platform usually sells donations in company shares or other assets immediately.

The charity platform usually sells donations in company shares or other assets immediately.

Ripple’s senior VP of marketing, Monica Long, said that to avoid any impact on the value of the token’s price, agreed to convert the XRP to USD over a two-week period.

Donors Choose said the organization was happy to make an exception to the rules due to the generosity of the contribution.

The donation will impact about one million students in the United States.

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