Pornhub reports thousands of payments through Verge XVG

Pornhub is reporting that it is already receiving “thousands” of transactions from customers using Verge XVG.

Since the announcement that Verge was partnering with Mindgeek, the parent company of Pornhub and a number of other leading adult content sites, many critics are questioning whether people actually pay for pornography on the internet anymore.

According to the 14th largest website on the web, Pornhub, thousands are now paying for their premium content with Verge.

Monero’s Riccardo Spaggni echoed the critical sentiment, tweeting that he thought it was “pretty sad” to pay for porn.

The “who pays for porn these days” comments seem to a popular, yet inaccurate, criticism.

Mindgeek reportedly processes $500,000 USD a day in transactions for its network’s paid content.

According to Pornhub, thousands of these payments are now being processed in Verge XVG.

Twitter user “฿iht Coign” noted that the CoinPayments website is recording hundreds of reviews for XVG transactions to Pornhub.

The feedback so far is overwhelmingly positive for both MindGeek and Verge.

Reviews include comments such as: “awesome transaction. really fast and secured. Loved it.”

Perhaps what is even more interesting about the feedback, is a lot of the comments are from people using cryptocurrency for the first time.

One commenter said:

“First time using crypto to make a purchase and it was very easy”

While another reviewer expressed delight at using crypto for the first time, saying:

“Its really Amazing, my first transaction with Cryptocurrency ITS Wonderful!”

Widespread adoption of cryptocurrency

The news can only be a good thing for the broader cryptocurrency community.

These positive first impressions are a strong signal for more widespread crypto adoption.

Although the reviews are a positive sign, the number of reviews doesn’t represent the number of transactions, according to Pornhub.

Responding on Twitter to correct the comments by “฿iht Coign,” Pornhub noted that only a small percentage of people leave reviews.

Verge’s XVG is still currently trading below the pre-announcement levels.

Values seem to be leveling off in the last 48 hours as the balance shifts from disappointed holders to optimistic investors.

While some in the community appear disappointed with the deal, there are those who see the opportunity the partnership presents.

At the time of press, Verge is trading at roughly $0.07, according to the Coin Thud live price charts.