Crypto legend reveals his short-term predictions

Crypto spearhead John McAfee has revealed his latest short-term predictions for digital assets.

The tech guru has recently started making short-term predictions for cryptos on his Twitter page due to popular demand.

McAfee, a strong believer in investing for the long-term, says that despite short-term predictions being “meaningless,” he is willing to forward where he sees the market heading in the near term.

In McAfee’s last prediction on May 24th – his first of this series – he predicts that Bitcoin will reach $15,000 this month before pulling back again in July.

John McAfee’s latest short-term predictions

In his latest June 5th predictions, McAfee attached the image below that indicates how he foresees the future of the market.

John McAfee Drops Latest Short-Term Predictions

One Twitter user responded to McAfee’s short-term predictions by asking if he still stands by previous estimates, saying:

“15k BTC still on by end of June?”

To which, John McAfee replies:

To which, John McAfee replies:

“Yes, but may slip into mid July”

Another Twitterati, Kolade Adewumi, commented:

They aren’t ridiculous estimations imo. I’m looking forward to the August Rush!

According to McAfee,  ZRX [0x] will reach $2.90 by 1st August.

According to McAfee,  ZRX [0x] will reach $2.90 by 1st August.

At the time of press, ZRX is currently trading at $1.21 according to the live price charts.

McAfee states that QSP [Quantstamp] will hit $0.50 by August 15, and its currently trading at $0.15.

He also includes POLL [ClearPoll], predicting it to reach $2.40 by August 1.

Currently, POLL is trading at $0.70.

The $1 million Bitcoin gamble

In March, John McAfee reiterated his infamous prediction for Bitcoin reaching $1 million by 2020.

Last summer the McAfee Anti-virus software creator predicted that Bitcoin will be worth $500,000 by 2020.

In a bullish display of confidence, Mr. McAfee said that if he was wrong, he promised he would eat his own genitals on live TV.

Then, in November 2017, without provocation, he upped the ante on his bet by saying Bitcoin will reach $1 million by 2020.

He said his original prediction was based on an outdated model, and his latest prediction saw far larger gains in store.

John McAfee stood by TV dinner promise, even after doubling the predicted value, and is still standing by it today saying he “cannot possibly lose.”

When asked if the bet was still on, despite the recent price drop, McAfee confirmed nothing had changed, saying:

“Absolutely. It is clear now that I cannot possibly lose. 1 mil will be at the extreme low end of the probability curve.”

Patience is the key..?

You may assume that the key to riding the storm is having a little patience, but according to McAfee, it’s all about looking toward the future:

“This has nothing to do with patience. This has to do with the future. If you know a new movie is coming out in 18 months, it would be stupid to start looking for it at the box office now. I may be crazy, but I’m not stupid.”

The may be a rough ride ahead, with plenty more of up and downs to come, but we’ll probably all sleep a little better if we remain confident that John McAfee’s tackle will remain in one piece.

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