Grosbill will soon start accepting Ethereum for payment

High street and online computer store chain, Grosbill, has announced it will soon begin accepting Ethereum for payments.

The French company revealed that they won’t be accepting Bitcoin or any other cryptos for now, however.

In a statement from the firm’s official Twitter account, they announced, “Le paiement en Ethereum sur Grosbill, c’est pour bientôt. Restez connectés.”

The announcement roughly translates in English to:

“Payments in Ethereum coming soon on Grosbill. Stay tuned.”

Grosbill received a flurry of comments and questions in response to the news.

When users asked why they chose Ethereum over other cryptocurrencies, they said it was the least volatile and most straightforward to integrate.

Why no Bitcoin?

The question on everybody’s lips was, “why no Bitcoin?”

Grosbill didn’t rule it out indefinitely, but did confirm it won’t be included, for now, saying:

“Everything in time. We have to let our developers breathe.”

It’s a fascinating decision by the firm, as Bitcoin usually tends to be the crypto of choice for tech firms.

It may, in fact, signal a change in trends for Bitcoin’s use as a payment service due to the rise in fees and transaction times.

This new payment option will undoubtedly differentiate Grosbill from its competitors.

The move will make the tech brand one of the few places in France where you can pay with Ether.

Is Ethereum a better currency?

Ethereum is a decentralized public blockchain currency.

Its foundations are not very different from that of BTC, and it can perform simple peer-to-peer payments efficiently.

Its confirmation times are just 15 seconds compared to Bitcoin’s ten minutes, so it could arguably do the job more efficiently.

Since Bitcoin Cash was added to BitPay, Ethereum is the most widely accepted crypto after BTC and BCH.

It has achieved this adoption without targetting merchants or much touting as a digital currency, however.

As developers focus on creating innovative Decentralized Applications (dapps) to run on the Ethereum network, Ether tokens are being used organically as a natural digital currency.

It seems natural that tech merchants would want to tap into the vast market of techies who want to use the currency of the future, today.

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