George Soros invests big in cryptocurrencies

Billionaire investor George Soros is investing billions of dollars in cryptocurrencies, according to reports.

The infamous globalist is cited as the man who crashed the Bank of England and is at the center of many online conspiracy theories.

Now George Soros is preparing to get involved in cryptocurrency trading.

News of his crypto investments comes just a few months after he described Bitcoin as a “bubble.”

Shortly after his comments, its price crashed in a “bloodbath.”


Since George Soros bashed Bitcoin, the price has dropped by 41%, plunging from a high of $20,000 last year to around $7,000 today.

Now as prices have dropped, big-wig investors now see an opportunity to begin trading cryptocurrencies.

The head of macro investing at New York-based Soros Fund Management, Adam Fisher, has been instructed to start buying-up crypto, according to a Bloomberg report.

Fisher has been given internal approval to trade digital assets, though was yet to make a wager.

A representative for George Soros declined to comment.

Dividing opinion

The traditional financial world has been divided about investing in Bitcoin.

JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon and billionaire Warren Buffett have publically blasted cryptocurrencies.

Late last year, George Soros bought an 8.99 percent stake in Inc to become the online retailer’s third-largest shareholder.

Shares in the company soared when its unit held an ICO (initial coin offering).

Critics of George Soros accuse him using his wealth to push a shadowy agenda.

He recently handed an anti-Brexit group £400,000.

Big money sees the opportunity in crypto

Soros isn’t the only major player to start betting on the future of cryptocurrencies.

News has recently emerged that the infamous Rockefeller empire has partnered with a digital currency investment firm.

The Rockefeller family’s venture capital investment firm, Venrock (Venture / Rockefeller), plans to invest millions in cryptocurrencies, according to reports.

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