CryptoChips rewards gamers with Bitcoin

Japanese tech company, GMO Internet Group, has announced the release of a new mobile game app integration, CryptoChips, that allows users to earn Bitcoin.

The gaming firm announced on Thursday that all users need to do to earn crypto is simply play their game.

CryptoChips will initially be integrated with GMO’s real-time battle game called “Whimsical War,” according to the announcement.

Starting from August of this year, players will be rewarded with Bitcoin based on their mission achievements within the game.

Users can also earn by building their ranking whilst playing the game on an iOS or Android device.

Players will receive their rewards in Bitcoin directly from GMO, with the use of on-device mining to earn the cryptocurrency.

The company started its own Bitcoin mining operations in December last year.

The company has also set August as the deadline for launching its cloud mining service.

Aimed at familiarising people with crypto

GMO said in the announcement that the tech giant hopes the app will encourage the public to familiarise themselves with cryptocurrencies.

Players will need to use their own digital wallets if they want to receive and use Bitcoin earned from the game.

The firm states that, as CryptoChips expands, the idea will be integrated across other mobile games.

Once they move forward with further integration, the company says it may include support for more cryptocurrencies, saying:

“GMO Internet developed “CryptoChips” that would enable distribution of cryptocurrency as remuneration within the game application so that our customers would find the cryptocurrency more familiar.

“We will offer it through a group company starting in August 2018.

“CryptoChips will initially support Bitcoin.”

CryptoChips: New Mobile Game App Lets Players Earn Bitcoin

GMO’s Whimsical War is free to download and play with in-app purchases.

It is available now from the Google Play store and iOS App Store.

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