Trading now available for iOS & Android with new Binance app

The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange has finally launched the all-new Binance app with worldwide support.

The China-based crypto exchange previously only offered support for their app in the Chinese region.

But now they have launched an official app with global support for iOS and Android users.

The new Binance app promises to allow users to trade cryptocurrencies right from their supported devices.

Goodbye Coinbase?

With support for a number of digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, IOTA, Tron, and Stellar, many are seeing the Binance app as a new threat to Coinbase.

Binance is currently the largest exchange, but many users turn to Coinbase for its accessibility and simple mobile app.

The new Binance app could see the Chinese firm open up to a whole new audience, through its numerous developments, in an area where Coinbase currently dominates.

The newest development is its mobile app that operates on both iOS and Android supported devices.

This app also supports a number of cryptocurrencies not available on Coinbase such as IOTA, GAS, NEO, and WTC.

Some other exchanges already have smartphone apps such as Kraken, Bittrex, and Poloniex, although Binance ios the only one that supports trading via the app.

Binance dominating the crypto market

The app is available to use in almost all the geographical locations.

The only real exception is in Binance’s native China due to country’s legal restrictions on cryptocurrencies.

Following the announcement last week that Binance plans to move its operations from Japan to crypto-friendly Malta, the exchange company looks set to dominate the trading market.

Now with the addition of their new smartphone app, the company looks set to take a slice from the more retail end of the sector.

Traditionally more suited to the seasoned traders, Binance has now opened itself up by making it extremely easy for users to trade in cryptocurrencies.